Update 7/18/20: Thanks to your support, we donated over $900 to the CT Bail Fund. CT Bail Fund was the first in a rotation of CT-based nonprofit organizations to receive a donation from this fundraiser.

Update 9/3/20: Your support helped us provide a $300 donation to Power Up, a grassroots organization leading the effort for change in Manchester, CT through marches, rallies, community activities and workshops.  


50% of the profit from the items on this page will be donated to CT-based organizations whose missions align with the movement to protect Black and Brown lives.


I painted "Next in Line?" in 2016 as a response to the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Here we are some years later, mourning the loss of George Floyd (Minneapolis, MN, May 2020)- choked to death by a police officer while subdued and handcuffed. We also must remember Breonna Taylor (Louisville, KY, March 2020)- killed in her sleep as police raided her apartment in search of someone already in custody, and Ahmaud Arbery (Brunswick, GA, February 2020)- hunted by a father (former police) and son, then murdered on his morning jog while their friend recorded it.  


The image of the black child is symbolic. He grasps onto his childhood (represented by the Teddy Bear), blinded by innocence (the white blindfold). He holds his breath, awaiting the unfortunate fate he does not even know is set for him. The t-shirt with the bull’s eye represents how we are targeted. The names in the background are only a fraction of the hundreds of people lost to unlawful discharge of police firearms. All of the victims named were unarmed and innocent. They range from a 7 yr. old girl to a mentally disabled man in his 30s to an elderly woman. The original painting has names along the edges of the canvas on top, bottom, left and right. “Next in Line?” is meant to disturb the viewer as we are more inclined to take action when we are uncomfortable.

My action is to use “Next in Line?” to raise money to support finding a solution for the epidemic of racism in law enforcement. It is up to those who make the laws and the men and women who enforce them to put this to a stop. It is our job as civilians to create an atmosphere that is conducive to that progress.


Thank you for your contribution.

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